Hi and welcome to my site where I show you how to display your stats from Project Entropia in an easy to view manner!

The Stats displayer is a nifty little program that will help you keep track of, and share your stats with other players.

To achieve this end, it requires 13 screenshots from your game, which are then passed through my little character recognition program, to generate accurate and correct results.

These utilities are currently at version 3.0.
Also it has a number of user requested features
In the next while I should be releasing version 4, with support for VU 7.2, and much more, so stay tuned

If you have a utility for PE that you want to release, email me to discuss adding it here, and giving my project less glory!
Also if you are a coder and would like to help with the development of the project, please feel free to contact me, as i am always looking for some help with this program

See the Creator Tutorial and the Displayer Tutorial

PE Stats Creator and Displayer
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